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Two enthusiastic and hard-working Lady Greenkeepers are looking

Dear Hiring Manager,
We are two enthusiastic and hard-working Lady Greenkeepers,

We are writing to express our interests and attitude as the greenkeepers position at your Golf club.

After working for over 2 years as greenkeepers, we have advanced knowledge in the several aspect, during working with team and directly with our supervisors, we learn how to plan and implement maintenance, improvement and renovation programes for the golf course making the optimum use of human and physical resources available.

Understanding all environmental and ecological best practices to maintain a sustainable golf course, understanding of key health, safety and environmental legislation and regulations to ensure a safe working environment for self, team and others, as well as the importance of personal and professional development.

We enjoy the great outdoors and the physical work doesn't bother us.
In addition to our experience, we have a solid educational foundation and passion to build a loyal relationship with your company and management and also become the members of this great team.

We would appreciate the opportunity to become your team members. Please make a review of our attached application for additional details regarding our expertise and achievements.

Don't hesitate to reach us if you have any extra questions or If you need clarification of our experience. We would be glad to talk with you and discuss the position in detail. 


If is any possible chances you will have one more vacant place at your golf club, not for two but for three people.

Thank you for your consideration.
We are looking forward to your answers. 


Bewerbung Tekla Kvachadze

Bewerbung Maia Vepkhvadze

Lady Greenkeepers
Tekla Kvachadze and Maia Vepkhvadze


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