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The golf and turfgrass industry, like other land-based industries, has to take responsibility for sustainable societal development, i.e. it must produce golf courses and other turfgrass areas of a high standard while at the same time ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources and contributing to functioning ecosystems....



It is apparent that the golf and turfgrass industry faces a number of local and international challenges, all of which will need concerted and collective solutions, underpinned by robust, applied science. To meet the challenges the sector has to face, STERF has created four international and trans-disciplinary R&D sub-programmes:

  • Integrated pest management
  • Sustainable water management
  • Turfgrass winter stress management
  • Multifunctional use of golf facilities and ecosystem services.

Progress in these programme areas will collectively lead to improvements in the quality of managed turfgrass areas, as well as economic and environmental gains for the industry. The key objectives of the programmes are to coordinate the design and running of R&D activities and to manage the effective dissemination of outputs (new knowledge) through channels and formats which are easily accessible to end-users. STERF will play a key role in expanding the programmes on international level.




Hier der Link von Maria Strandberg zum STERF-Jahrbuch, um über die laufenden Projekte zu informieren:


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