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Greenkeeping Scholarship Programme Hosted by Kristianstad’s Golf Club, Sweden 2022


Greenkeeping Scholarship Programme Hosted by Kristianstad’s Golf Club, Sweden 2022

Introduction to the Programme:

One major aspect of FEGGA’s work is providing opportunities for aspiring Greenkeepers to help develop and advance their careers. This opportunity at Kristianstad’s Golf Club provides a unique opportunity combining valuable work experience within a very experienced team led by Bevan Tattersall, coupled with an educational programme touching all aspects of Turf Management.  FEGGA are delighted to partner Kristianstad’s Golf Club in making this exciting programme available to aspiring Greenkeepers throughout Europe.....



A unique 6 months’ Work Experience Scholarship Programme

The Scholarship programme for the second-year running will be based in Åhus, south Sweden Located at one of Europe’s premium golf facilities, Kristianstad’s Golf Club.

Each student will gain exceptional experience at Kristianstad’s GC, working with some of the most qualified people and companies in the industry. The unique experience you will receive blends day to day course management and the lecture programmes held weekly throughout the 6 months. This ‘one off’ FEGGA programme is the only one in Europe and covers all aspects of Golf.  Throughout this exciting six months you will be overlooked by KGK Greenkeeping Management Team, led by Bevan Tattersall.


Programme information

During the 6 months starting 11th April 2022, you the student will have a structured programme of lectures which will relate to the work experience you will receive ‘on course’. The type of experience gained during the education programme will be all aspects of Golf, including - Course Design, Course Maintenance, Machinery, Golf Operations, Tournament Management and Tournament Set Up, Budgeting, Health & Safety, Personal Development, to name just a few....


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