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First Quarter Update and report 2021

Dear Members,

The Board and Executive Officer have been working extremely hard to develop and grow FEGGA. Our Conference programme of Zoom Summits have been well supported and will continue into the Summer.

As announced, the Board would very much like to meet face-to face with members in a mini-conference during September but is mindful that the global situation may not allow that.

We will not be expending significant energy and time on this until the situation becomes clearer.


Core Values of FEGGA. The Board recently held a session on focusing the core values of FEGGA and would like to share these with you in the form of the attached diagram.


Essentially, the diagram, produced by Board Member Martin Nilsson, represents the Pillars of FEGGA. It is used by the Board as a test for the investment of our time and resources. It links to our Statement of Responsible Turfgrass Management, which is currently under review by Board Member Koert Donkers, and reflects the things that we strive to achieve. We are sharing it with you and encourage you to adapt and use for your own Associations as a means of communicating to members exactly what you stand for; and for what you strive to achieve.


Summary of 1st Quarter finances: A financial update showing the Actuals is attached for your information:

  • Q1 income had exceeded expectations and budget.
  • Costs were completely in line with budget.
  • Bank Balance stood healthy at some €26,000.
  • Association Memberships – only three memberships are not yet paid, and communications to understand and support these Associations are ongoing.
  • Patron Memberships – Renewal invoices have been sent out and the Executive Officer has received extremely positive feedback regarding FEGGA’s ongoing work particularly relating to the recent Conference Series Programme.
  • Conference Sponsors paid in very good time which is an indication of their positive attitude to FEGGA.
  • Projection into Q2 looks just as healthy.


FEGGA Projects and Events:

  • FEGGA Zoom Conference Series Programme:
    The Conference sessions attracted over 650 people over the ten days. Many thanks to our speakers for such interesting and engaging seminars. The recent webinar aimed at our Greenkeeper Scholarship students and open to all greenkeepers had attracted 65 people.
  • The next Summit will move back to Association business, and Education & Personal Development within Associations will be the focus. The date of 16th June has been set – 14.00 CEST : 13.00 BST.
  • Proposed FEGGA Conference face-to-face: FEGGA will continue to monitor the situation.
  • FEGGA Greenkeeper Scholarship Programme:  Bevan Tattersall, Superintendent at Kristianstad’s Golf Club welcomed our 7 students for their six-month programme. There had been an exceptionally good start made with good student and host feedback. Education has already started, including on-line seminars some of which are being made available to all greenkeepers, and communications are excellent, including the set-up of a WhatsApp group.
  • Proposed Don Harradine Turf Experience Programme: FEGGA will continue to monitor the situation.
  • Proposed Women in Golf event: FEGGA will continue to monitor the situation.


FEGGA Website:

The board have formed a Working Group to look at all aspects of the FEGGA website. The website is now getting on in years, and the board feel that time should be given to looking at where improvements can be  introduced, and consideration is being given to the building of a new website. This review will be also extended to GT-E (see below): The feeling is that the two websites should merge and become one.


R&A GC2030 Update:  

FEGGA continues to be active within GolfCourse2030. With the recent developments of GolfCourse 2030 Board Member Martin Nilsson has now taken on the position of representing Greenkeeping on the Projects Review Panel.


Greenkeeper Training – Europe:

 The GT-E brand was very-active under the leadership of David Golding and Dean Cleaver. It produced pan-European Standards of greenkeeper Education which were recognized by Colleges and Universities, as well as at a Practical Level across European Golf. The FEGGA Board is now in the process of undertaking a review of GT-E and wishes to consult with Associations. Your feedback would be welcomed:


  • Are you aware of the GT-E Brand and why it was created?
  • Is the current website and information useful?
  • What do you expect from GT-E
  • What do your members expect from GT-E
  • What practical measures could be taken by FEGGA?



FEGGA continues to move forward supporting Associations and providing opportunities for the individual. FEGGA invites feedback from members on any matter and assures members of speedy consideration and response.


We look forward to hearing from you. 

Yours, in greenkeeping. 

Paul Worster and Dean Cleaver – on behalf of the FEGGA Board.


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