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FEGGA Board Report Update for Q1 2022

Dear FEGGA Members,
Firstly, apologies for the lateness of sending out this report.
It’s been a busy time for FEGGA and with the limited resources and time to carry out all elements during this time, delayed this report.


FEGGA Conference:
This was a highlight of our calendar for the first quarter, with it being a resounding success in many ways. It was great to finally bring everyone together and meet up with the 33 organisations that were able to attend.
We tried hard to create a less intense programme, providing more time for networking and spending quality time together, and judging the response we received, I really think we achieved our ambition.
Having said all of that, we did feature some interesting and important subjects within the programme, resulting in some good takeaways for every to take home to their respective associations and organisations.
• Greenkeeper education, focusing on the successful FEGGA Scholarship programme.
• Launched the Greenkeeper education and training app, supported by the Swedish Greenkeepers
Association. More information will be following in the near future.
• We looked at a changing world within Greenkeeping, using data to overcome challenges and
setting new goals.
• A presentation was given on the now established “Thank A Greenkeeper Day/Superintendent
Day”. This included what has been achieved and the focus for 2022.
• We held a very good Association group Session, whilst simultaneously running an open meeting
with our Patron Members.
• As a follow-up to the Patron networking session held during the 2020 conference, we concluded
the second day with running this session again. The feedback was excellent and we certainly aim
to build on this successful session.

FEGGA Scholarship programme:
The programme at Kristianstad Golf Club continues to be very successful. We accepted 7 students on to our programme at the beginning of April, coming from 6 Countries. All students have settled in really well and embracing the opportunity that is made available to them. The induction week concluded with a dinner, which included participation from two past Chairmans of FEGGA, Per Olof Ljung and Stig Persson of Sweden.
The education programme is well underway, with many of our Patrons becoming involved and sharing their expertise with our students. During the 6 months, the programme will deliver some 30 seminars ranging from one hour to a full day.
You can follow the students experience through the scholarship Facebook page FEGGA 2022 Kristianstad’s Golfklubb.

Thank a Greenkeeper/ Superintendent Day:
Please see the presentation attached as this provides a timeline to the build up to
the day, which is scheduled for 13th September 2022.
2021 was very successful in the reach we achieved, who participated, so let’s make 2022 anther significant step for our collective profession.
Focus areas will be to Develop dates and approach for the 2022 campaign with international allied organisations

• Create 30-secondVideo/TV Commercial (similar approach, brand consistency)
• Create Press Release to announce campaign date (to be shared with international allied
• Create Social Media Tool kit for international allied organizations

FEGGA Website:
We have now started the process of building a new website. Please note that we have decided to take down the old website, which will be moved onto the new FEGGA website. We will keep you informed of the progress of the building of the new site as work progresses.
Finally In Summary, the first quarter has been a very positive time for FEGGA, with many initiatives taking place following a difficult two years. The Board and Executive Officer continue to work hard behind the scenes to bring real benefit to Greenkeeper Associations and its Members. We look forward to your continuing support.


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