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R&A Greenkeeping Scholarship Programme

The R&A Greenkeeping Scholarship Programme has been growing since 2004, assisting students studying higher education qualifications in greenkeeping/sports turf management courses at SRUC Elmwood in Scotland, Myerscough College in England and CAFRE in Northern Ireland.  Most of our Scholars now study through distance learning whilst working as full-time greenkeepers/course managers.  We recently launched our Programme in Australia and have just awarded six scholarships to students at Melbourne Polytechnic.


We now have 395 Scholars from 37 different countries.  Their locations have been mapped and we thought you would be interested to see how far and wide our Programme has spread.  Please follow this link to view the map:


We are sharing the map with our network but please feel free to do the same with anyone you think may be interested.  There is no personal information attached so this does not impinge GDPR regulations.  If you would like any further information about our Greenkeeping Scholarship Programme then please get in touch with us at GKScholars (at)


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